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Why are Zeta Hedge scammers and can't be trusted?

Started by Admin, Feb 17, 2024, 03:29 AM

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What is known about Zeta Hedge and the Zeta website ?

There are a lot of scammers on Forex at the moment, however, fortunately, the symptoms of scammers remain the same and if there are the right signs, it is not so difficult to see scammers.

The Forex broker Zeta Hedge was opened in mid-2023. This fact already suggests that even if Zeta Hedge are not scammers, this already indicates their unsatisfactory competence. Zeta Hedge's office, according to the company itself, is located in the Marshall Islands. This is a well-known tax-free zone. Scammers purposefully create their firms in such gray areas in terms of accountability and the ability to be punished. Funds from firms with offshore jurisdiction are much more difficult to recover.

Strengths and weaknesses of Zeta Hedge

Strengths of Zeta Hedge

There are no commissions for transactions and withdrawals in Zeta Hedge, which is already questionable. Zeta Hedge also gives bonuses at registration up to 300% and within other bonus systems. Also, unlike other brokerage firms, Zeta Hedge does not ask for documents to confirm identity. Therefore, any investor can register, including those who are blacklisted.

Disadvantages of Zeta Hedge

The key disadvantage of Zeta Hedge is that they are deceivers. Other disadvantages are not inspiring either. The Zeta Hedge support service is not responding. Zeta Hedge does not withdraw money and, in principle, it is extremely difficult to return funds from Zeta Hedge. A very simple platform is the third problem. There is no normal functionality on the platform. Next, we will go through the weaknesses and strengths in more detail, and also talk about how to return the money.

How do the scammers from Zeta Hedge differ from decent brokerage firms?

Apart from registering in the dark zone, Zeta Hedge has other properties of criminals:
1. An impressive number of negative articles on Zeta Hedge;
    2. A small number of positive articles on Zeta Hedge;
    3. Positive reviews of this organization are not natural;
    4. Positive reviews on Zeta Hedge are of the same type and primitive, which indicates their artificiality;
    5. An impressive number of negative opinions;
    6. Discrepancy between the agreed length of service of the company and the time of registration of the company and Zeta;
    7. Aggressive marketing and the promise of the highest profits;
    8. The lack of explicitly defined terms of cooperation;
    9. An overly primitive online platform with a very small range of tools, including the most common ones;
    10. Ignoring by the support service;
    11. Lack of permits and presence of Zeta Hedge in the official lists of brokerage regulators;
    12. The presence of Zeta Hedge in the blacklists of regulators;
    13. It is unrealistic to withdraw invested money from Zeta Hedge;
    14. Annoying behavior of representatives of Zeta Hedge.

Everything is clear with the first point, this is one of the most important indicators of fraudsters. It should be added that the first critical articles began to be created just a couple of weeks after the appearance of the brokerage firm. In addition, there are very few positive reviews on Zeta Hedge and their authenticity is easy to establish. In these reviews, it is simply stated that Zeta Hedge is a legal broker, gives you the opportunity to earn money, and so on. However, all these promises are not supported by any facts.

What is the problem with customer opinions

All the same applies to responses to the company. Positive reviews are published from newly created accounts. These reviews are the first reviews from these accounts. The positive ratings of Zeta Hedge in the reviews are also not reasoned by anything, and the negative opinions are confirmed by screenshots. Angry opinions are left from real accounts, from which there was activity before leaving an opinion on the company under discussion. The ratio of negative reviews to positive ones is about 9 negative opinions to 1 positive one.

What do the reviews on Zeta Hedge say?

The reviews on Zeta Hedge in the article format are also artificial, as one would expect. Interestingly, the articles on various sites are almost identical. Most likely, the scammers from Zeta Hedge wanted not to bother creating various artificial articles. The sameness of the reviews is not the only problem with them. A huge amount of this material is posted on forums with a terrible reputation.

What's wrong with the Zeta Hedge domain?

Interestingly, the Zeta domain it was established in 2023, despite the fact that the office claims that they have been providing services for several years. Of course, some company can replace their domain, but this is not necessary and if you take into account all the other facts, the conclusion is obvious. The managers of the pseudo broker Zeta Hedge are obviously lying.

Aggressive marketing and the promise of super high earnings.

In its advertising, Zeta Hedge guarantees a minimum monthly income of 400% of the deposit amount. Can you imagine? Even the largest brokerage organizations, which turned out to be a scam, offered smaller amounts. Zeta Hedge also guarantees profit, which is also basically impossible.

Lack of clearly defined principles of cooperation.

All that Zeta Hedge gives you is guaranteed to earn. A legal brokerage organization that has the necessary documents will clearly specify the scope of work in the following forms:
    • In the public offer;
    • At the time of initial interactions, representatives of the brokerage company should say the most important questions;
    • In addition to the public offer, there must be documents on the broker's website where it is written.
This lack of everything indicates the amateurish approach of this organization. Of course, but somehow it should not have been, because the absence of an explicitly designated framework means that those who give these scammers their phones are most likely that they do not know how it should be in reality. It's a kind of filter. Such facts allow scammers to separate those investors who know how it should be, which means that they will have to spend time on them and it will be much more difficult to steal money.


What is the evidence of the Zeta Hedge platform?

Zeta Hedge has a primitive platform. There are many common technical analysis indicators on the platform, and this fact also indicates the problematic nature of Zeta Hedge. Apparently, Zeta Hedge doesn't even know about such things. If Zeta Hedge cared even a little bit about the quality of their service, they would eventually introduce all the necessary tools because of investor complaints. In other words, the scammers would have found out about it anyway thanks to feedback from customers.

How does the Zeta Hedge Support service work?

The Zeta Hedge support service essentially never gives an answer to traders' requests. It seems that the support service function is basically present for beauty and nothing more.

Zeta Hedge does not have brokerage documents

This is the most important criterion for fraud. Even bad reviews and everything else are not guaranteed to indicate a scam. However, a brokerage company must have at least one license. In principle, European brokerage companies have five or more licenses. The availability of brokerage permits ensures that the financial flows of the brokerage company are controlled by regulatory structures and, if necessary, these funds can be frozen. And to get these documents, you need to register a real company with competent analysts.

How do the scammers from Zeta Hedge act?

From the reviews on Zeta Hedge, it is obvious that their cheating scheme is one of the most common. Zeta Hedge was created in an offshore zone and attracts poorly experienced investors. Scammers fake profits on the platform and advise you to replenish the investor's account again for as large an amount as possible, justifying this by saying that replenishment will maximize profits. If the investor shrugs off and wants to withdraw funds, then it is clear that no one will give the money to the trader. The victim is called and told that a commission must be paid for the withdrawal of funds and thereby strive to earn more money.


Zeta Hedge are typical scammers with the whole set of signs ranging from lack of a license to responses. The broker has a primitive platform. There are no licenses on the site and a non-functioning support service. And besides, Zeta Hedge promises unrealistic profits. Here is a short list of advantages and disadvantages


    • Low commissions;
    • Lack of verification;
    • Give bonuses.


    • Zeta Hedge scammers;
    • It is very difficult to return the money;
    • There are no documents;
    • The support service is almost unresponsive

Ways to get money back?

Fortunately, even if you transferred money to scammers in cryptocurrency, you can still get your money back. How? The global financial system is very interconnected and most of it consists of only a few dozen multinational banks. Fraudsters withdraw funds exclusively through these banks and, as experience shows, it is possible to track and collect these funds. If there is information about several victims and how much money these victims gave to scammers, then using these figures it is quite possible to track a chain of financial transactions with identical figures and geographical reference. In order to do this, you need to contact a competent law firm that will be able to quickly and competently send a complaint and, thanks to this, manage to block the accounts of scammers and return your money. Fortunately, as practice shows, by contacting you get a serious chance to return the lost funds. The statistics of successful returns is 80%. The sooner you write to us, the greater the chance of a refund.