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For what reasons are Bcsfx365 scammers and cannot be trusted?

Started by Admin, Feb 17, 2024, 03:23 AM

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What is known about Bcsfx365 and the site ?

There are a lot of Forex scammers in today's realities, nevertheless, fortunately, the indicators of fraud remain the same and, if the necessary indicators are available, it is not so difficult to see scammers.

The Bcsfx365 Forex broker was opened in the second half of 2023. This fact already suggests that even if Bcsfx365 are not scammers, this already indicates their lack of competence. The Bcsfx365 office is located in the Cayman Islands, according to the statements of the scammers. This is a typical tax-free zone. Criminals deliberately set up their firms in such grey areas in terms of accountability and the likelihood of being held accountable. It is much more difficult to return funds from organizations with a gray area.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bcsfx365

Advantages of Bcsfx365

Bcsfx365 has no commissions for transactions and withdrawals, which is already questionable. Bcsfx365 also awards bonuses after registration up to 400% and within the framework of various bonus systems. Even in Bcsfx365, unlike other brokerage firms, they do not ask for documents to confirm their identity. In this regard, anyone can register, even those who are blacklisted.

Weaknesses of Bcsfx365

The key drawback of Bcsfx365 is that they are deceivers. Other weaknesses also do not inspire confidence. Bcsfx365 support service is not responding. Bcsfx365 does not withdraw money and, in principle, it is extremely difficult to withdraw money from Bcsfx365. The old platform is another problem. There is not enough functionality on the platform. Next, we will go through the advantages and disadvantages more thoroughly, and also tell you how to return the money.

How do scammers from Bcsfx365 differ from real brokerage organizations?

Apart from the creation in the dark zone, Bcsfx365 has other attributes of criminals:
1. An impressive number of angry articles on Bcsfx365;
2. A small number of positive articles on Bcsfx365;
3. Positive opinions about this company are fake;
4. The positive reviews on Bcsfx365 are the same and simple, which indicates that they are fake;
5. A large number of negative opinions;
6. Discrepancies between the declared length of service of the organization and the date of registration of the organization and;
7. Aggressive marketing and the promise of sky-high profits;
8. Lack of explicitly stated terms of cooperation;
9. A very primitive platform with very few tools, including the most famous;
10. Ignoring by the support service;
11. Lack of licenses and availability of Bcsfx365 in the database of broker regulators;
12. The presence of Bcsfx365 in the black lists of regulatory authorities;
13. It is unrealistic to withdraw funds from Bcsfx365;
14. Annoying behavior of Bcsfx365 representatives.

Everything is clear with the first point, this is one of the most key signs of fraudsters. It must be said that the first negative articles began to appear just a couple of weeks after the appearance of the brokerage firm. At the same time, there are very few favorable reviews on Bcsfx365 and their naturalness is easy to identify. These articles explicitly state that Bcsfx365 is a licensed broker, allows you to earn money, and so on. However, all these promises are not verified by any facts.

What is the problem with investor feedback

All the same applies to reviews of the company. Favorable opinions are left with only open accounts. These reviews are the first reviews from these accounts. The positive ratings of Bcsfx365 in the reviews are also not reasoned by anything, and the angry reviews are supported by screenshots. Negative reviews are left from live accounts that were active before the review was published for this company. The ratio of angry reviews to good reviews is approximately 8 bad reviews to 1 positive.

What do the reviews on Bcsfx365 say?

The reviews on Bcsfx365 in the form of an article are also fake, as you would expect. It's funny that reviews on various web resources do not differ from each other in principle. Apparently, the scammers from Bcsfx365 decided not to bother writing various fake materials. The sameness of the reviews is not the only problem with them. An impressive number of these reviews have been left on forums with a bad reputation.

What's wrong with the Bcsfx365 domain?

Curiously, the domain it was created last year, although the company claims that they have been providing services for many years. Of course, some office can change their domain, but this is not necessary and given all the other facts, the conclusion is obvious. The managers of the fake broker Bcsfx365 are definitely lying.

Intrusive marketing and a guarantee of cosmic earnings.

In their advertisement, Bcsfx365 promises a minimum monthly income of 500% of the deposit amount. Even very well-known brokerage organizations, which turned out to be a scam, guaranteed less money. Bcsfx365 also offers profit, which is also basically impossible.

The absence of a clearly defined framework for cooperation.

All that gives Bcsfx365 is guaranteed to get money. A real brokerage firm that has permits will clearly indicate the scope of work in such ways:
• In the public offer;
• During the first interactions, the managers of the brokerage organization are required to identify the most important issues;
• In addition to the public offer, there must be documents on the brokerage company's website where it is prescribed.
The lack of this all indicates the frivolous level of the company under discussion. Without a doubt, but somehow it shouldn't have been, because the lack of clearly fixed frames means that those who provide these scammers with their phones are most likely that they have no idea how it should be in reality. It's a kind of filter. Such circumstances allow criminals to separate those traders who know how it should be, which means that they need to spend time on them and it will be much harder to cheat.

What does the Bcsfx365 platform say?

Bcsfx365 has a primitive platform. Most of the simple technical analysis indicators are missing on it, and this fact also indicates that Bcsfx365 is problematic. Most likely, Bcsfx365 does not even have an idea about such things. If Bcsfx365 had thought even a little bit about the quality of their service, they would eventually have done all the necessary functions due to the requests of investors. In other words, the scammers would have found out about it anyway because of the feedback from the traders.

How does the Bcsfx365 support service work?

The Bcsfx365 support service does not, in fact, respond to customer messages under any circumstances. It seems that the support service function basically exists for beauty and nothing more.

Bcsfx365 does not have broker permissions

This is the most important indicator of fraud. Even bad reviews and everything else are not guaranteed to indicate fraud. Nevertheless, the brokerage company must have at least one license. In principle, European brokers have three or more licenses. The availability of brokerage documents ensures that the financial flows of the brokerage company are controlled by regulatory structures and, if necessary, this money can be frozen. And in order to receive these documents, you need to register a real company with qualified analysts.

How does the scammers from Bcsfx365 function?

From the reviews on Bcsfx365, it is obvious that their method of fraud is one of the most popular. Bcsfx365 was created in an offshore zone and attracts poorly experienced traders. Scammers fake profits on the platform and offer to replenish the victim's account again for as much as possible, arguing that replenishment will increase profits. If a trader shrugs off and tries to withdraw funds, then it is obvious that no one will return the investment to her. The victim receives a call and claims that a commission must be paid for the withdrawal of funds and thus attempts to earn more money.


Bcsfx365 are typical scammers with a full range of indicators ranging from lack of permits to reviews. Bcsfx365 has a primitive platform. There are no documents on the site and the support service is not working. And Bcsfx365 promises super high earnings. Here is a short list of pros and cons


• Low fees;
• Lack of confirmation of documents;
• Give bonuses.


• Bcsfx365 scammers;
• It is very difficult to return the money;
• There are no documents;
• The support service is almost unresponsive

Ways to get money back?

Fortunately, even if you transferred money to scammers in cryptocurrency, you can still return the lost money. How? The global financial system is very interconnected and most of it consists of only a couple dozen international banks. Fraudsters withdraw funds through these banks and, as experience shows, it is realistic to track and return these funds. If there is information about a couple of victims and how much money these traders gave to the scammers, then using these figures it is possible to track a number of financial transactions with identical figures and geographical information. In order to do this, it is necessary to contact a reputable law firm that has the opportunity to send a complaint without delay and competently and thus manage to block the accounts of criminals and return these funds. Fortunately, as experience shows, by contacting you get a real chance to get your money back. The statistics of refunds made is 88%. The sooner you write to us, the higher the chance of a refund.