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EATradingcenter: An Unreliable Forex Broker Exposed

Started by Admin, Dec 01, 2023, 05:20 PM

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In the world of online Forex trading, it's crucial to choose a reliable broker. Unfortunately, not all brokers are trustworthy, and one of these is EATradingcenter. Their actions have earned them a reputation as a scammer in the Forex trading industry. This article delves into the details of their operations, the issues with their advertising, and the real customer experiences that expose their fraudulent activities.

Analyzing EATradingcenter's Operations

EATradingcenter's operations raise several red flags. Their website and client services have proven to be subpar and unreliable. The site is riddled with technical issues, including slow loading times and incorrect graphic element displays. It is also noticeable that many sections lack any valuable information.

Another alarming fact about EATradingcenter is their high commission rates and a confusing system of fines and sanctions. Access to a personal account can be unexpectedly blocked, and withdrawing funds seems nearly impossible.

Their customer support service leaves much to be desired, as it appears non-responsive or even non-existent. EATradingcenter also lacks the secure encryption necessary to protect customer data. All these warning signs point to EATradingcenter being a potentially fraudulent operator.

Dissecting EATradingcenter's Advertising Practices

EATradingcenter's marketing strategy is questionable at best. They promise their clients significant earnings with minimal effort, a claim that is not only enticing but also unrealistic. They neglect to mention the possible risks involved in forex trading and often use unbelievable success stories to lure in unsuspecting individuals.

EATradingcenter has also been known to use pictures of famous people, falsely claiming them as their clients to appear more credible and trustworthy. Their intrusive advertising extends beyond social media and appears on various websites. Some troublesome aspects of their advertising include:

  • Ambiguous terms and conditions
  • Usage of jargon to confuse potential clients
  • Urgency and exclusivity to pressure clients into depositing funds
  • Spam messages and mass email campaigns

Furthermore, EATradingcenter has been noted to demand prepayments and coax personal information from individuals. They frequently call from hidden numbers at inappropriate hours, further confirming their fraudulent activities.

Unveiling Real Customer Experiences

EATradingcenter seems to employ bots to post positive comments on various platforms. However, a careful analysis reveals a plethora of negative reviews about the broker. Here are some issues raised by actual clients:

  • The website often freezes, and orders are executed with significant delay
  • Difficulty in withdrawing funds as access to personal account gets blocked
  • Unexplained cancellation of trades
  • Unreasonable spreads
  • Mysterious fines and excessively high commissions
  • Absence of customer support
  • Provision of false signals
  • Enforcing unnecessary third-party applications
  • Lack of information
  • Paid multi-level courses
  • Absence of verified financial instruments

Customers have also complained about the aggressive marketing tactics employed by EATradingcenter's representatives and the lack of data encryption and falsification of news.

EATradingcenter's Website: A Closer Look

EATradingcenter's website is poorly developed and hard to locate via search engines. The domain name was registered just a month ago, further indicating the company's questionable credibility.

The website is slow to load, and graphic elements are incorrectly displayed. Not all sections are filled, and there are no contact details available for communication. They fail to inform users about the risks involved and the legality of their operations.

Upon registration, users are forced to accept trading conditions that are only revealed post-registration. There is also no provision for verification or two-factor authentication. The company discourages the use of antivirus software and insists on downloading an unidentified software.

EATradingcenter: A Scammer Exposed

Aside from their misleading advertising and unethical practices, EATradingcenter regularly imposes unaccounted commissions. They also enforce a system of unclear penalties and use bots to improve their reputation.

EATradingcenter has proven to be a hindrance to clients in withdrawing their earnings. Clients complain about the absence of payouts and discourage others from opening an account with them.

The company does not provide free training, a practice account, or legal documents. Their unprofessional, pushy, and aggressive behavior is a major deterrent for potential clients. Here are some reasons why EATradingcenter is not to be trusted:

  • Trading conditions only revealed post-registration
  • False information about regulators
  • Unclear user agreement
  • Inability to review the contract before signing
  • Unbelievable promises in advertising
  • Imposition of fines and sanctions
  • Usage of one-day services for payments
  • Cancellation of positions
  • Unrealistic spreads
  • Quotes deviating from market rates
  • Lack of secure connection
  • No risk warnings
  • Hastily designed website
  • Recently registered domain name
  • Promise of quick earnings
  • Publication of false statistics and analytics
  • Unidentified trading instruments
  • Poor reputation

EATradingcenter has fabricated its narrative, landed on blacklists, and received numerous negative reviews. They have debts to clients due to their failure to fulfill financial obligations. Being a classic Forex trading scam, EATradingcenter constantly pushes misleading advertisements and is a fraudster that individuals should avoid. This company has a low rating, hence it's an untrustworthy choice for collaboration.

If you have become a victim of this scammer and do not know what to do - write to us at We will help you get your money back and get justice.