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Capital X Limited: Unmasking the Unethical Practices

Started by Admin, Dec 08, 2023, 03:08 PM

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Capital X Limited, a name that has been gaining notoriety in the financial market, has been under the microscope due to a series of unscrupulous practices. This article aims to dissect the operations of Capital X Limited, shedding light on the controversial issues that surround them.

Navigating the Murky Waters of Capital X's Website

The first red flag arises from the company's website. Its lack of secure connection, poorly designed layout, and unreadable fonts make it evident that the site was hastily put together.

Moreover, the website is riddled with text errors and unrelated links, while crucial company information is conspicuously missing. Legal documents, registration details, and contact information for customer support are nowhere to be found.

The Absence of a Trading Terminal and the Unknown App

Capital X Limited does not have its own trading terminal. Instead, it encourages clients to download an unknown application for stock market operations. Its mobile trading platform is underdeveloped, and numerous negative reviews online highlight this issue.

Short Existence and Blacklisted Status

Appearing only about a month ago, Capital X Limited has already secured a spot on the blacklist of major international registrars. Its operations remain unregulated, and there are no recorded payouts from the company.

Notably, clients have voiced complaints regarding the company's unprofessional behaviour. Its services are exclusively available to those registered in Switzerland, raising questions about its legitimacy.

Falsification of News and Technical Manipulation

Capital X Limited has been accused of fabricating news and manipulating technical data. Its user agreement is poorly structured, and it fails to adhere to contract terms. Additional charges are imposed without prior notice.

The company's employees initiate contact aggressively, making repeated calls from multiple numbers. Furthermore, it fails to provide financial reports, and their customer service is virtually unreachable.

Security Concerns and Unprotected Client Data

Client data with Capital X Limited is unprotected, leaving it susceptible to misuse by malicious parties. The security of payments is also questionable, as the company proposes transactions via unknown systems.

Cold Calls and Aggressive Marketing Tactics

Apart from a poorly designed website and lack of registration, Capital X Limited employs cold calling, aggressively contacting clients from multiple numbers. It also sends out spam emails and social media posts.

The Broker's Dubious Tactics

Here are some reasons why you should think twice before opening an account with Capital X Limited:

  • Suspiciously low percentage rates
  • Absence of fixed commissions
  • Delayed order executions
  • Automatic cancellation of deals
  • Unexplained additional charges
  • Difficulty in locating the website on search engines
  • Issues with the user agreement
  • Manipulation of prices
  • Hidden documents
  • Services predominantly available to those registered in Switzerland
  • No regulatory oversight
  • Promises of instant profits
  • Aggressive marketing behaviour
  • Publication of false statistics

Capital X Limited: A Scheme to Beware

The company can hardly be termed as legal, given the absence of any proof of lawful operations. A multitude of negative reviews accuse it of dishonest practices and lack of payouts.

To inflate its rating, the broker uses bots to post a series of similar positive reviews. The company's history is filled with dubious moments, making its operations questionable at best.

Capital X Limited's Price Manipulation and False Signals

The company periodically manipulates prices, creates artificial demand, and generates false signals for investors. Although Capital X Limited offers a leverage, its terms remain unclear.

Capital X Limited: A Threat to Traders

In conclusion, Capital X Limited is a fraudulent entity that regularly publishes false data, fictitious analytical reports, and deceives traders. It uses spoofing to create the illusion of price reduction, mimicking futures orders to generate artificial demand.

Capital X Limited extracts funds without mentioning associated risks and proposes the use of unverified payment systems. The company's operations are a clear violation of the ethical principles of the market, making it a threat to traders worldwide.

Caution is key when dealing with Capital X Limited. Always remember, an informed trader is a safe trader.

If you have become a victim of this scammer and do not know what to do - write to us at We will help you get your money back and get justice.