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Best sites for Forex 2024 to trade online Forex 2024

Started by Admin, Apr 19, 2024, 10:12 AM

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Trading is a discipline in its own right. It requires knowledge, skills and emotion management. This specialty also requires a high-performance trading platform. In the highly competitive stock broker market, not all platforms are created equal. We have tested the most popular 2024 websites for you. On this page, you will find a detailed comparison of the best brokers for safe and efficient trading.

DEGIRO: Best trading platform website 2024

DEGIRO is a Dutch broker that was launched in 2013 and was originally designed for professionals. For several years, it has also been catering to individuals. With more than 2 million users in 15 European countries, it is one of the best stockbrokers on the market. It has over 100 awards to its credit and was recently named "Best Stock Market Broker" by Broker Chooser in the UK, making its reputation unrivaled.

Registered with the Authority for Markets Finance (AMF) and ACPR under number 65522, DEGIRO is also regulated in the Netherlands and the UK, reinforcing its reliability and our confidence in its services. Nothing is more important than protecting your capital. That is why DEGIRO guarantees the safety of your funds through asset segregation and protection of deposits up to Euro 100,000 by Flatex Bank. These measures ensure optimal investment protection in the event of bankruptcy.

DEGIRO offers an ordinary securities account (OSA) with a wide range of financial products. The broker has a wide range of assets designed to meet the needs of all traders.

These include:

  • Over 10,000 stocks on 50 stock exchanges around the world;
  • More than 6,000 ETFs;
  • More than 600 bonds;
  • Numerous investment funds;
  • Numerous derivatives, including turbos, warrants and futures;
  • Options.

Some of the lowest commissions on the market

DEGIRO stands out as one of the most competitive trading platforms on the market. Specifically, the broker offers brokerage fees of one euro per order for US and European stocks. In markets such as Australia and Singapore, these fees are higher but remain moderate compared to other trading platforms. As noted in our DEGIRO review, the broker offers a selection of ETFs without brokerage fees, which increases its appeal to thrifty investors.

ETF Fees from Degiro

Bonds and some derivatives also have favorable fees, and DEGIRO's fixed fee structure avoids unpleasant surprises. With no hidden fees for day-to-day operations and lower costs for specific services, DEGIRO scores valuable points in terms of pricing. In fact, the broker has no deposit and withdrawal fees. This is a strong point that cements DEGIRO's place as the best trading platform in 2024.

Ergonomic trading platform

DEGIRO stands out with its feature-rich trading platform that offers all the tools needed for trading, such as numerous technical analysis tools and market data. The mobile application is characterized by its convenience and power. It makes it easy to execute orders at any time and manage your trading portfolio even when you are on the go. It is also easy to manage your portfolio and evaluate your performance. It also has a news section that allows you to follow the latest market trends.

DEGIRO also has a strong focus on education. The academy offers a variety of courses for novice investors, as well as webinars with experts. There are also plenty of resources to deepen your understanding of financial products and investment strategies. However, DEGIRO lacks some features, such as the ability to buy a share of stock, programmable investment plans, and social trading.

eToro: The world leader in social trading

eToro was founded in Israel in 2007. The eToro brand was adopted in 2010, marking a significant shift towards the innovative concept of social trading. This rebranding introduces copying features that allow users to easily copy the strategies of the most successful traders.

eToro is regulated by several financial supervisory authorities, including CySEC in Cyprus. It is also registered with the ACPR under REGAFI number 29552. In terms of protection, eToro is a member of the FGDR, offering a guarantee on individual customer deposits. In the event of eToro's collapse, clients can receive compensation of up to Euro 100,000.

Wide selection of assets

In this ranking, eToro stands out with its diversified offering, including a CTO and a CFD account. The CFD account forms the core of this trading platform's offering. It features more than 3,000 stocks, 250 ETFs, 50 currency pairs, various commodities and around 80 cryptocurrencies. For example, you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Solana.

With derivatives such as turbos, certificates and options, eToro offers a wide range of assets, which explains its presence in this selection of the best trading platforms. eToro particularly stands out for its wide selection of cryptocurrencies and ETFs, meeting the expectations of many traders.

A trading platform with competitive commissions

eToro is one of the cheapest stock brokers on the market. The trading platform is characterized by really low spreads: 0.15% for stocks and 0.016% for indices. Overnight commissions are also attractive: 0.0060% on indices and 0.0052% on Forex. However, some commissions, especially for cryptocurrency trading, are relatively high.

Social trading is at the heart of its features

eToro offers a user-friendly, intuitive trading platform, ideal for both novice investors and more demanding traders. The interface, uncluttered and easy to navigate on all devices, makes it easy to place orders and familiarize yourself with important information. The mobile app follows this logic of accessibility, combining ergonomics and performance to make the trading experience enjoyable for all users. For more demanding traders, there are numerous technical indicators and the ability to connect to MetaTrader 4.

But eToro's strongest point is its social trading capabilities. The eToro trading platform allows investors to follow the strategies of the most successful traders and automatically copy them. This is what copying, the broker's flagship feature, is all about. eToro works as a social network for traders, offering the ability to follow the news and strategies of top traders. The trading platform also offers smart portfolios, providing easy diversification through thematic, sector or regional portfolios.

XTB: The most advanced site

XTB is one of the most advanced trading solutions. Founded in Poland in 2002, XTB has established itself as a benchmark trading platform. The broker distinguishes itself by offering no commissions on many stocks and ETFs, as well as one of the most efficient CFD accounts on the market. XTB covers more than 17 stock exchanges, including Nasdaq, NYSE and Euronext. This diversification has attracted millions of investors and traders.

As for the regulatory framework, registered with ACPR since 2012 and with CySEC in Cyprus, XTB ensures European compliance and protection by providing a guarantee of up to Euro 20,100. This Forex site's partnership with BNP Paribas as custodian bank emphasizes its commitment to the safety of its clients' funds, reinforcing its position as a trusted Forex broker.

XTB Assets

XTB offers a wide range of assets in two different account types: CTO and CFD. CTO allows you to invest in 3,000 stocks and 300 ETFs, including US and European giants. However, XTB does not allow you to invest in bonds, mutual funds or cryptocurrencies. The CFD account - the heart of XTB's offering - provides access to more than 6,000 CFDs, including a huge selection of stocks, 160 ETFs, indices, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies, providing far more diversity than CTOs.

Attractive pricing structure

XTB stands out for its competitive rates, especially in the CFD space, with low spreads. For equity CFDs, spreads are around 0.15% and for indices, spreads are as low as 0.015%. However, for cryptocurrencies, spreads are higher at around 0.78%, prompting traders to prefer specialized platforms for these assets. XTB's overnight commissions are also attractive, except for cryptocurrencies, where they rise to 0.07%. XTB also offers free access to over 3,000 stocks and 300 ETFs up to a certain transaction volume, above which a 0.2% fee is charged.

With no opening, closing, withdrawal or deposit fees, XTB offers an attractive pricing structure with a few reasonable additional costs such as exchange fees and connection fees to certain stock exchanges. Overall, XTB offers an attractive pricing proposition for CFD traders as well as equity and ETF investors. This is a positive factor in this comparison of trading platforms.

Most powerful Forex site

XTB is designed for traders of all levels. The broker offers a platform rich in charting and technical analysis tools, including advanced charts, moving averages, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci retracements. This abundance of tools does not come at the expense of a trading platform that is intuitive and customizable. The platform is available on PCs and mobile devices, making it easy to trade on the go, as evidenced by the positive in-store reviews.

XTB also has its own proprietary platform, xStation 5, which brings together features important to traders such as technical analysis and market news. There's also a stock scanner and heat map to keep an eye on the hottest assets at the moment. While not the main focus of this comparison, another interesting feature is the reward for uninvested cash. The broker offers up to 5%, depending on the currency. Like many other competitors, XTB offers a demo account with 20,000 euros of virtual funds for risk-free practice. In addition, XTB promotes trader education through its XTB Academy, which offers tutorials and webinars to hone trading skills.

Each of these platforms has been tested by more than one trader and this provides a guarantee of reliability and increases the level of trust. With enough information to analyze, you have the opportunity to choose your best Forex trading site based on your needs.