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5 best magazines and newspapers for financial news

Started by Admin, Apr 11, 2024, 01:27 PM

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In today's digital age, keeping abreast of global events or specific industries like finance has become easy with news alerts arriving on our smartphones in real time. In finance, there are many platforms including websites, magazines, podcasts and newspapers for financial news to cater to the needs of inquisitive readers. While there is an abundance of sources for financial information, the volume of information often results in poor quality reporting.

However, as in other industries, prioritizing the reliability and credibility of information sources is paramount. Among the myriad of options, finding a trustworthy and informative news resource can be challenging. That's why I've compiled a list of the best magazines and newspapers for financial news that cover issues comprehensively and keep readers up-to-date.

Financial Times

The leading business newspaper for financial news headquartered in London is dedicated to comprehensive financial coverage and economic journalism. The main section, consisting of two separate sections, includes domestic and international news, as well as political and economic analysis. An additional section contains financial data as well as information on companies and market trends.

Those looking for a convenient way to stay on top of financial news are strongly encouraged to subscribe to one of FT Newsletters' various newsletters. These newsletters focus on specific interests such as fintech, impact investing or emerging markets. Among my personal favorites is the Due Diligence newsletter, which offers regular updates on M&A activity, allowing you to stay up to date on current events in the business world.

The Wall Street Journal

In addition to covering business and economic issues, The Wall Street Journal, an American newspaper, offers daily analysis of the world's financial markets. Its Market section comprehensively covers a variety of money and investment topics, including individual stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate and mutual funds. Although The Wall Street Journal writes about the international financial market, its primary focus is on the U.S. economy, reflecting the publication's conservative stance.

In addition to traditional financial newsletters, The Wall Street Journal also offers subscription-based analysis on venture capital and private equity, providing valuable information and perspectives for investors interested in these sectors.

The Economist

Unlike its peers, The Economist has a strong focus on politics and international relations, making it a valuable resource for understanding financial issues in a broader context. The publication is divided into geographical and thematic sections, with a significant focus on finance and economics. Articles in these sections provide comprehensive reviews and analysis of the financial industry from geopolitical and governmental perspectives.

In addition to financial articles, The Economist offers a newsletter, The World in Brief, which publishes summaries of world news several times a day, keeping readers abreast of important events around the world.


Known for its rankings of America's richest people and leading companies, such as the Forbes 400, the American business magazine Forbes offers more than just lists. It has columns on a variety of money-related topics, including private equity, hedge funds, personal finance, taxes, and retirement. Unlike news services, Forbes functions more as an article-based platform, providing in-depth insight into specific finance-related topics. Subscribers can receive mergers and acquisitions news twice a week through the Deal Flow newsletter, keeping them up to date on the latest deals.

Money Magazine

The last magazine I would like to introduce is Money Magazine. As opposed to simply covering finance related news, the mission of the magazine is to "educate, inform and empower you to manage your personal finances." Through articles, newsletters, podcasts, and videos on everyday topics such as mortgages, insurance, and loans, the magazine offers advice on how to improve your financial success. With an emphasis on investing, Money Magazine provides easy-to-understand financial advice.

In order to make informed decisions, form rational beliefs, and keep up to date with the financial industry, it's important to stay informed. However, the abundance of sources and the rapid availability of information make it difficult to sift through the flow of information to identify the essentials. Choosing reliable sources is the foundation of a financial knowledge routine. The five financial news magazines and newspapers mentioned serve as guidelines for navigating the daily flow of financial and economic news. Most of these sources offer overviews of financial issues available without a monthly subscription fee. Whether you prefer print, web or mobile formats, you are sure to find something among these options that will help you stay informed. However, it is recommended that you double-check information from multiple sources, as misinformation can sometimes pop up.