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Mint coin crypto

Started by Admin, Oct 02, 2023, 11:53 AM

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If you are interested in various crypto currencies, which are not as frequently mentioned as the other ones, Mint coin can be quickly described as:
  • Type: Crypto currency. Properties - there is no binding to a centralized issuer and user.
  • Class: Mint coin. Properties - slightly different number of coins, different number of confirmations, etc., but in general it corresponds to the subset of Type. In general, it has the same properties as Bitcoin but with a much less user base.
  • Market capitalization: $33.8 million
  • Price: $0.00135408

Mint coin is an inventive safe power-saving hybrid PoW/PoS crypto currency. What is Proof-of-Work (PoW)? First, it is an algorithm that provides effective protection of a distributed system from hacker attacks, fraudulent actions and other unauthorized access. How Proof-of-Work works can be concluded in the following points:
  • Mandatory execution of labor-intensive calculations;
  • Quick and easy verification of results.

The peculiarity of Proof-of-Work is that initially this technology was designed for computer power and not for live users. The Proof-of-Work method involves the significant computing resources but it ensures the fulfillment of the task at the end with a simplified verification of the result obtained with minimal time. After several weeks Mint coin has almost entirely switched to a more passive crypto PoS-mining method.

Unlike normal mining or cloud mining, you do not need computing power with Proof-of-Stake. You buy a crypto currency, which mines you a new crypto currency just because you already have this one in your wallet. It seems like some kind of fantasy but no. This condition is embedded in the PoS algorithm itself and is an integral part of it. To operate the block in PoS, miners only need wallets on the computers. The longer you keep the coins, the more you earn.

There have been some conversations surrounding Royal Mint Gold – a crypto currency from the Great Britain. The Royal Mint of Great Britain plans to produce its crypto currency with gold backing. This coin is supposed to serve as a digital analogue of the precious metal.

The equivalent of one token of the new crypto currency is equated to one gram of the metal; thus, customers will not store virtual currency but real gold. Some people express their concerns since the future of the crypto currency is not stable, whereas gold is like keep its value for a long time, which is a clear argument in favor of Royal Mint Gold.

This project was first mentioned back in 2016. Backed crypto currencies are said to be the next step in the blockchain technologies. Bitcoin and other early crypto currencies have in fact ceased to be money and have become similar to shares, which are growing all the time because everyone wants it to. Mint Gold crypto currency will grow no faster than gold and this is its advantage. As explained on the website of the platform, unlike operations with physical gold, coins can be used to purchase goods and services. Also, the crypto currency can be used as a tool for investing and P2P-lending.

According to the company, coins will be issued only one way - by adding real gold to the depositories of Gold Mint partner banks. The platform itself will get commissions from transactions and asset management services. You will be able to buy the coins on several crypto exchanges as well as for fiat currency in countries where crypto currency issuance and circulation is allowed. All operations with Gold Mint will be carried out through smart contracts based on the Ethereum platform. Third-party companies will be able to use the API to integrate their services with the Mint.

Crypto currency instead of shares

In addition to Gold, the Gold Mint platform will include the decentralized owners community of another crypto currency. Owners of Mint will receive benefits in transactions with Gold and will be able to influence the monetary policy of the company. In this case, all the profits of Gold Mint will be distributed among the owners of Mint. To launch Mint, the company conducts an ICO (an analog of the IPO, with a crypto currency instead of a stock). After the ICO, the Mint is expected to grow 8-10 times during the year.

Below is the list of exchanges where you can purchase Mint coin crypto currency without commission using common payment methods (Visa/MasterCard and bank transfers):