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Funny forex

Started by Admin, May 14, 2023, 11:41 AM

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Working in the Forex market can be not just an additional way of earning or a funny joke but the main job. Many believe that trading in Forex has many advantages: free schedule, remote workplace, the ability to earn unlimited amounts. However, in fact, some of these stereotypes are misconceptions. Forex is a real job with all the consequences. This article will cover a typical day of a professional Forex trader so that you can understand that trading currency pairs is not an easy job.

Forex traders should prepare for the start of the trading session most of the times. Active Forex market participants read the news and check the events that occurred overnight. After that they will be able to understand what kind of trend they can anticipate, where the price will move. Once the Forex trading session begins, Forex traders are can get to work. The amount of time spent in the market depends on the trading strategy but in any case, if you trade manually, you have to monitor prices constantly. Otherwise, you can miss out on a profitable moment to open a position. Thus, you need to stay in front of the Forex terminal during the trading session or at least while the market is active.

Forex trading from home is certainly convenient. You do not need to get properly dressed and spend time to commute. This is especially valuable in winter. Also, you can start working in Forex right after you wake up and trade until late at night. But it seems funny that the main disadvantages are caused by the exact same things. Firstly, there are certainly many things that will distract you from the Forex terminal in your apartment; you might what to go the kitchen to have a bite or do some housework. In addition, if someone else is in the apartment, this will also have a negative impact on how concentrated you will be. Not surprisingly, many Forex traders even rent an office for this.

It should be mentioned that self-discipline is important in Forex trading. If you do not use scalping strategies and trade less often, then, of course, you do not need to constantly watch the price charts; but you still need to be in the market and follow the movements. If the currency pairs do not have any activity within Forex, then you can switch to other tasks. For example, read analytics, modify strategies and learn something new. But a professional Forex trader cannot go and ride a bike in the middle of the working day.

Is the usual Forex working day busy? In fact, the situation on Forex the market is different. Sometimes the whole day can go by without any strong movements and speculators just sit around. On the other hand, there are much more intense days when a Forex trader has to act very quickly to make money in a dynamic market. Hence, we can conclude that whey will sometimes be very tired and exhausted but be very tense during some trading sessions.

However, Forex has a following subtlety. A typical office worker receives a fixed wage and a Forex trader's income is unstable, sometimes even none at all. An average experienced Forex trader who performs short-term speculation usually has losses for one or two weeks. In general, by the end of the month, profit should be there in any case; otherwise the Forex strategy is not effective enough. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult for an office employee to significantly increase their income; meanwhile, Forex trader's profit may increase by several times. However, it is necessary to be psychologically prepared for drawdowns, non-profit periods and not to panic in such cases. And in many ways Forex trading is not suitable for all people because of this.

People often come across the statements about not being lucky in the Forex market, they are buying an order for currency appreciation and the direction suddenly changes; they are anticipating a drop, the Forex trend reverses. Whatever they do, the market does the opposite. If they make a profit, they cannot stop and lose not only profit but the whole deposit. According to the news, the situation for a certain currency should be bad and despite all that, its Forex market rate continues to move up. What is the matter?

The answer is simple. All broker promises and forums are created solely to attract new customers. But the work in the Forex market itself is a difficult psychological work. A novice Forex trader continues to trade despite their losses. They are thinking that if they are not lucky today, they will be lucky tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and the Forex trader has an even smaller deposit. In the end the deposit reaches a minimum and they leave the market.

As for the technical issues, a Forex trader should understand that before they start trading in the Forex market, they must have an up-to-date computer and high-quality Internet. And certainly, remember not to spend their free time on dubious websites as to not come across viruses and Trojans. A good broker should have backup channels, which you can always go to.

The next problem is when a Forex trader does not have a clear plan and the goal – they are engaged in spontaneous Forex trading. And as you understand, spontaneous trading will not lead to anything and you will lose with your capital very quickly. Therefore, the Forex trader must draw up a plan/strategy and understand what they want before the start of Forex trading: what positions to open: short or long; what loss they can afford; what kind of leverage to choose; what currency to trade, etc.

At the end of the Forex working day, be sure to analyze your successful and unsuccessful transactions and whether achieved your goal for the Forex working day. If you made 5-10% of the profit for a working day, this is a very good result. And if such results are an everyday occurrence, then try to stick to this method of trading as long as possible.

Lastly, try to not take Forex too seriously. There is a huge number of different ways to make money on the Internet. One of the most popular and real ways is to earn on Forex. But this serious type of work has become filled with funny Forex stories, jokes and specific humor. Surely, you are making a living out of this kind of activity, which is not a laughing matter. But you should treat everything with as little emotion as possible and be able to laugh about it.

A notable fact about Forex is about the American businessman George Soros. Most specialists are sure that in order to achieve great results, you need invested in long-term ventures. But the American billionaire George Soros has never adhered to such a strategy. The peculiar method of his transactions was always short-term and speculative actions. George Soros came to the Forex market with a sum of $600. Ten years later he multiplied his capital to $100 million.

Another American billionaire, who also has a funny story about Forex, is Warren Buffett. But unlike George Soros, this businessman follows the long-term investment strategy. Warren Buffett began trading on the exchange at the age of seven. And during that time, he has made a lot of mistakes; he finds them funny now and is not ashamed to share them. According to him, he once decided to sell shares bought for $38 at a price of $40. In total, he had six shares and the profit from this transaction amounted to $12. He found out that after a very short time, the price of these shares rose to $200. As you can see, even legendary market players experience these mishaps.

One of the famous financiers in America was Joshua Wolff. In the stock market and Forex, he has had the reputation of the most reckless and large-scale player for twenty years. He had little competition in the ability to inflate or lower the rate because for him ten to twenty thousand shares were the same as two hundred for other people. He was then a member of a company of famous players who did not care what to bet on - racehorses or shares.

Although he was known as a gambler, in fact, he was an extremely capable and intelligent Forex and stock market speculator. At the same time, his illustrious indifference to high matters made him a hero of innumerable anecdotes and funny stories. One of the most famous tales was that Joshua was invited to a social event, where several guests managed to get into a conversation about literature. A woman, who was sitting next to Joe and puzzled why he was busy with food and did not say a word, decided to talk to the great financier and asked: "Ah, Mr. Wolff, how do you feel about Balzac?" Joe, in attempt to be funny, stopped chewing and replied: "I have never worked with his shares on the Exchange."
However, Forex trading stories are not always funny and uplifting. Here is a real life example of what you can end up with. There was a wealthy entrepreneur but what he had was not enough for him. He came across Forex trading and found out that there was no limit to potential income. Because he was already a well-established entrepreneur, he was too confident in his ability to have profit in Forex beyond his wildest dreams. But his business tactics were not working for the Forex market and he went bankrupt. So remember that you are always risking when it comes to Forex and it is not always about funny incidents.